About Us

AnyGateway is a data communications business at heart. Initially focused on communcations for Telecoms systems, we have expanded to cover other areas of data communcations. We provide communications solutions across a variety of domains such as Voip, Messaging, SIP, XML, proprietary protocol development and integration, legacy gateway integration, Financial data, Financial transactions, Event Driven data, Complex Event Processing (CEP) and general data communications.

What we offer

As experienced software consultants in the communications space, we are here to support your business through a period of growth,be it a launch or release of a new service, or at times where you need a reliable consulting firm to manage a requirement listed under our available services.

We have attended companies of all sizes and have been solving a wide variety of problems and delivering bespoke solutions on legacy and next generation systems. We give an honest opinion of our abilities to partner with your company and solve your problems. With the communications market being a highly competitive space, with advent of internet and mobile communcations, our consultants bring addition resource that can really make a difference.