Case Studies

Read about various challenges and solutions we've undertaken.

  • J2EE SMS Gateway Platform

    Development of a full scale carrier grade enteprise messaging platform. SMS and MMS messaging solution hosed on a J2EE Application Server cluster and MySQL Cluster database backed end. The Management interface provided in GWT provides realtime view of message processing.

  • IVR Credit Card Payment

    Providing a automated IVR Credit Card payment solution to enables a company to remove manual processing of Credit Card payment for IVR services.The legacy IVR plaform was updated with an additional module to enable communications with a J2EE application where the Credit Card Processing logic was deployed.

  • Legacy IVR application migration to SIP platform

    A simple legacy application hosted on a legacy IVR platform had the opportunity to reduce call costs by use of a SIP solution. We provided development of an equivalent SIP solution allowing the service provider to route calls directly to a SIP platform rather than traditional TDM line whiich incurred a a per minute charge.

  • Text Call back

    With the advent of cheaper calls over VoIP, we provided a company with a text call back solution that enabled a their SIP platform to connect a call center to the intiaitor of the message.

  • SMS Callback GSM Modem

    A customer required an SMS Callback solution, with a difference. This solution required use of a standard SIM card in a Wavecome GSM Modem. Upon receiving the modem, we were able to quickly provide a functional solution with an API for easy application integration.

  • Real-Time AJAX Call Information Dashboard

    A customer required a development of a Call Statistics dashboard in order to secure a client. We rose to the challenge to provided an AJAX driven dashboard that outdone the competitors solution which refreshed the page every 10 seconds. As a result, the client provided more business to our customer and the dashboard subsequently extended to support more services.

  • MySQL Database Cluster Migration

    A customer was experiencing database issues given hiigh load of data processing occuring on their system. We suggested the business move to a more robust solution that could spread the load across multiple systems. We configured a database cluster which allowed the backend database to scale with the business.