Service Integration

Implementing processes to enable disparate systems to communicate in a reliable and consistent manner.

Connecting disparate systems

Companies are faced with integrating their system with both internal and external systems via defined interfaces. In some cases, both interface and integration work has to take place. With the growth of Web Service and numerous business providing services such as payment, VoIP connectivity, account management - legacy system have had to either be updated or undergo some hardware improvement.

A telecoms company with a legacy IVR system required their IVR to communicate with new technologies and applications being written in Java by their employees. The IVR system support the C language only and a proprietary drag and drop interface to creating applications.

"Being a small company we were tied to our IVR providers hardware, for which we could not acquire update are a cost effective price. AnyGateway's experience in the application space has opened up opportunities for the company to extend its use of its legacy platform"

Inbound IVR solutions provider

After analysis, we decided to implement a single application on the IVR that could deliver all events into the "Java space" - by capturing events such a DTMFs, Hangup and Answer noitifications and delivering these reliably via a messaging (MOM) system. With this in place, the Java developers could subscribe to events and take action on DTMF string (i.e. entering of credit card or monetary values). The event system also enabled the Java application to send notifcations to the IVR - enabling features such as call-back and call management from a web application.

This solution itself, has allowed the company to become more competitive with existing infrastructure with the cost of a hardware upgrade. The real-time delivrey of such events has also provided the company with the ability to improve existing applications with real time data.