We offer a variety of data communications services allowing you to improve all or various layers of your communications infrastructure and/or software platform.

  • Hardware Support

    Linux/Unix, Windows, Sun - We provide support services including specification, installation, maintenance, upgrades, cloud computing.

  • Database Management

    Installation and/or migration of data. Including migation to database clusters to improve data processing and fail-over

  • Application Development

    Development of small and large scale products, applications or modules for an existing platform.

  • Service Integration

    Integration with third party service providers and also with your internal systems and applications.

  • Real Time Data Communications

    Improve data distribution between internal and/or external systems and processes.

  • Business Intelligence

    Provide graphical representation and scheduled reports from data held within your database.

  • Open Source Software Support

    Provide support, enhancement and development of open source software platforms

  • Network and Service Monitoring

    Agent based monitoring of IT hardware and software processes with configurable real-time notifications.

Additional information

We work with clients initially to establish the problem scope and delivery a feasibility report. Once reviewed, we conclude analysis by working closely with you to define requirements specification.

We aim to give client early access / visibility to the work we are undertaking. This ensures that both parties are on the right track and are happy with results